You guided me through the process and advised me of what was the most practical and effective route to take to achieve the goal we had set out.



Our Firm is Successful

• Our clients have been involved in cases which were responsible for the recovery of over $40 million dollars.
• Our heroic clients received whistleblower rewards in the millions of dollars.
• We will expedite the preparation of your case and aggressively represent you through its conclusion.
• We protect the identity of our clients. All communications with us are secure and confidential.

How to contact us and feel secure with your information.
The questions below are helpful in determining the type of fraud you may have discovered in the company.

1. What is the description of the fraud?
2. How did you find out about the fraud?
3. Have you told anyone else about it?
4. If you lost your job because of this knowledge, have you filed any case against the company?
5. How much do you think the fraud has cost the state or federal government?

Please contact me directly via phone or email.
We protect your identity and your personal information is not required for the first meeting.
The company name in question, is also not required.


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